It was Santa Lucia Day yesterday! And living in the center of Old Swede town in Chicago means we get our Swedish on! Jason’s roots are Swedish and while I do not dig the lutefisk or the meatballs I love celebrating Santa Lucia.  As with many legends there are some bizarre parts but the irresistible burning candles on your head and singing combo make it a win in our house.
For our Advent activity the girls fashioned these Santa Lucia crowns using fabric scraps, glue sticks, and tissue paper.  We then headed over to the Swedish American Museum behind our house for the singing processional through Andersonville. 
As the processional started some museum staff handed us a torch and Evy’s response was “mama, they gave me fire!!” I’m telling you, this one.  
she loved every minute and managed to NOT light her hair on fire!
Once this song is in your head good luck trying to sing anything else!
I love that in an often isolating busy urban environment this night felt full of neighbors and cheer.
We stayed for most of the concert until Abishai (maybe distraught over his lack of homemade candle crown) started fussing and we had to make a completely unsophisticated exit.  We still had a blast and although our fingers and toes were freezing the girls and I skipped home being reminded that in the dark Christ is the true light.

Happy Santa Lucia Day and hope yours was filled with light (and no lutefisk),


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