The girls had their last week of their fall dance class last week and that meant that parents were invited to see the kids show off their mad skills.
I sorta totally live for these moments of cheering my kids on. I love when they try to catch my eye and then pretend they really are too cool to care that Mama is watching every move. If you are in Chicago I totally recommend Design Dance- the instructors are real dancers in the city and the girls think their teachers are “sooooo awesome” and the classes are affordable and meet at local park districts or schools. Evy’s teacher deserves overtime pay for trying to keep 3-5 year olds’ focused…think herding cats. The girls have made great friends and fun memories.  And they have some pretty hip moves….
And Anni’s class even performed at the Chase Park showcase last week…and by perform I mean do about 30 seconds of their routine until the music cut out..but ya know, whatevs.  She had a blast and we celebrated with froyo afterwards to celebrate our Hip Hop girlz.  Next time you see them ask them to teach you some moves, I’m sure they will oblige,

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