So last weekend I forced (with much kicking and screaming) my fam to take self-take family pictures for Abishai’s birth announcement.  I really wanted to have a picture of all five of us since it is something we will save and a moment in time I want to remember. And because of my love of capturing everything in photos they just have to deal with it.  Their crosses to bear if you will.  Plus, I always bribe with candy 🙂

So off we went to a local park before heading to a church downtown to hear Carl Madearis speak (which was awesome).  This was the best family picture we could muster under the duress……
What duress you ask? Well, even if you aren’t at all interested I have to divulge because we were laughing so hard I was crying by the end of our 20 minute “shoot.”  To anyone that has even said to me, “you always have great family pictures,” it is not without much suffering and gnashing of teeth y’all!  First, my tripod broke (memo to self order a new one asap) so I made Jason go steal borrow a huge garbage can from a nearby park and drag it over to set my camera on.  So that was the start of the fabulous-ness (what? It is a word). I finally got the angle right and after a few test shots pressed the self timer and ran to join my family sitting on a wooden fence.  What happened next will become the stuff of family legend and I choose to believe it has nothing to do with my generous boo-tay.  As soon as I sat down the entire fence broke resulting in Annikah being flung backwards, flipping over, and falling into the grass and brush behind us.  And you would be right to ask, “did you get it on film?” Why yes. Yes we did.  And it took every ounce of self control I had to NOT use this picture on the birth announcement…..
or this one….
Annikah was actually bleeding but we pressed on until exactly one frame later Abishai pooped through his clothes all over Jason’s shirt. Awesome-ness (what it is a word!).
So considering all that I am pretty impressed we got one usable picture.

So, my question is…does it make me evil that I think these are pretty much the funniest pictures ever?
Just enjoying the chaos,

  1. Anonymous says:

    haaaaaaaaahahahaha!! Oh man, tears rolling down my face. That second picture is GOLD. GOLD. Thanks for making my day, I needed it 😉 This makes me want to hang out with you in real life even more 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Best post ever!! Sooo hilarious! My boys loved the pics.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious!No, you are not evil. Just a fun and funny mom. I so would have wanted to use the picture too….you should have!You all look great..especially you for just having a baby.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It takes a LOT to make me laugh at anything on the Internet, and here I am almost crying! That is so hilarious! I totally understand the family picture duress. I have a hard enough time getting a pic of just the kids together and usually have several funny out takes, but nothing that matches this!