When we heard about a FREE fall fest in the burbs minutes away from my mom’s house we were all about it. Plus, it was at an equestrian center and we all know about Miss Evy Imani and her love obsession with all things “horsey.”  Bibi and Babu met up with us and helped us wait in lines and get to do everything before it closed for the day.  It was a beautiful fall day and being outside was the only sensible thing to do!
the girls getting their pummel horse on
There was a tree climb too!
Anni made it all the way to the top!
And so Evy did not as much climb the rope as get pulled and swing for a bit but she still felt like a rock star!
she was also sporting tights that were ripped to shreds by the end of the day. Pretty much how Evy rolls.
a hay ride pulled by these guys Evy’s comment was “oh man, I wanted pink horses!” Seriously.
And there was a giant hay pit…holla! Abishai missed just about everything while he happily snoozed in the Ergo. Great day spent enjoying the beauty of the changing seasons.
We heart fall y’all.

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