We talked today! Our morning started with greetings from Africa.
I’m in that place between wanting to beak down and cry and being so grateful that we got the chance to chat a bit.  Love me some Skype and some kind Wazungu friends who let our friends and neighbors crowd around their laptop to catch up up on all that has been going down island side.  We saw my friend’s new healthy baby girl and there were cheers from everyone when I showed them my baby bump and announced it is a boy.  They could not believe how big our girls are and that Imani finally has hair! Anni beamed while seeing her friends and I teared up seeing so many of my former students.  Praying they know peace during Ramadan and always.
Not sure if I will cry or continue smiling looking at this screen shot but I do know my heart is full and I am thanking God for allowing us to stay in contact with a little island that is part of my soul.

  1. Anonymous says:

    has she really nr. 7 now??? For sure they were all excited about you having a boy soon!!! Did Evy remember them as well?