Anni’s first time in the world of soccer (or ahem, football as the rest of the world calls it) was a success although at the end of a rainy first day of Chicago Eagles camp it looked as though she would not be signing up for a team anytime soon. “We just had to sit there” Well then.  Luckily the weather got better and upon finishing her fifth day at camp announced, “Mama, don’t even ask me, if there is ANYTHING with soccer sign me up!” SO, yeah she liked it.  She also adored her super awesome chick coach they simply called “Hungry” so that helped.  She attended with her partner in crime and bestie Z man and they were on the same team the whole week.  The camp was near downtown and it was a steamy week learning about God, team work, and some soccer moves.  We really wanted to encourage her to try soccer since it is one of the few sports we play stateside appreciated in the rest of the world. Tee ball, American football…not so much.  I gotta say the Mama in me was also so proud (and if I’m honest a bit shocked) at how hard core Anni was playing when Evy and I crashed the last day to take photos.  Self admittedly I took soccer as a kid merely for the snacks after the game (hey, don’t hate sometimes they had Ecto-cooler!!) and I pretty much stood there and prayed the ball would not come to me. But my daughter was right in there; falling and fighting with the boys with no tears.  Seriously, not typical Annikah but she pretty much rocked it!
tongue out means you are serious!!
celebrating a goal with her coach after the team scored a goal
huddle up
prayer at the end of the week
Eagles soccer camp, refugee carnival 090
showing off their gifts from their coach
Eagles soccer camp, refugee carnival 086
Yep, Anni had a great week and there might be more soccer football in our future,

..and video proof that camp was CRAZY and all the counselors….seriously God bless you…


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