The girls hung out with Bibi and Babu last week in the burbs for some summer fun and VBS!
Can you see Miss Evy all the way on the left bawling her eyes out? Not sure what that was all about but girl had issues this morning. Last year Evy was too young but this year she attended all week although she was rumoured to cry and be clingy a few mornings. They both had a blast and I joined them for the last day before hitting some serious garage sales with my mom (and can I just say peeps in the suburbs be givin’ stuff away!!!)
song time was a serious highlight “…lower, lower” IMG_2626
“wider, wider, make Jesus wider..”
Despite some comments on instagram (that make me know for sure I have hilarious friends) the theme was not “Pagan VBS.”  It was Paul’s journeys and his charge to us that follow after Jesus. Good stuff, time getting spoiled with Bibi and Babu, and new friends: summer officially rules!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Evy in her -wider, wider position. How can she even stand like this???