Today we headed to the lake front with Nyasoni for World Refugee Day Chicago!  It was a blast with many volunteers from different organizations and refugees from different cultures and with different languages united by common life experiences in coming to the U.S.  It was a huge party including dancing, a soccer tournament, kid’s games, performances by CircEsteem, and lots of hanging out and eating ethnic food. It was a great day and I am constantly reminded how blessed I am to be able to befriend and learn from people from all over the world.
luckily there is no shame in my game (although upon further reflection maybe there should be) of my big prego self joining in the African drumming and dancing. I’ll spare you the video …..and you’re welcome.
The girls were big fans of the game time (and with so many kids who spoke very little English it pretty much amounted to controlled complete chaos)
Evy joined the chaos under the parachute even though homegirl clearly understands English and has no excuse. It was the thing to do.
This little girl has gotten so big since the Mother’s Day brunch! We also got to meet new extended family that just arrived last week.
Anni gets tips from the Circus performer’s groupIMG_2762
I also posted about World Relief Day in Chicago at Hawa Images here. It was a day well spent with friends.


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