Today we were tourists in Chicago.   Heck, I even wore my camera around my neck and carried approximately 300 pounds of crap on our stroller to add to the authenticity of the whole gig.  When we first arrived in Chicago last year and the girls got their first glimpse of Navy Pier and the Ferris Wheel they asked begged to ride it. Today we made that dream a reality with a few added stops on our tour of Chicago.

When we stopped for lunch Annikah and I headed to the bathroom and she grabbed my hand and said “Mama, our family is so cool and we do so much fun things!” She then proceeded to list things we have done recently together from a Popper’s Penguin Party to beach days to a pool in our alley to riding the Ferris Wheel.  Maybe it is the prego hormones but I started to tear up and I wanted to freeze that moment forever. I will settle for remembering our girls just as they are today and how much we love exploring and having family adventures.  

building a skyscraper with Papa
almost at the top of the Ferris Wheel
we rode it yo! promise fulfilled.
a walk up to Michigan Ave to see The Water Tower
we had to head to the Lego store (Ahem, as much for Jason as the girls)
So, who is coming to Chicago to visit? We will show you a good time and there is so much more to explore!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I really hope, that we will come and visit one day :-)Did you ride the Ferris wheel as well – without getting sick from it!?It´s a little bit bigger than the one we used to ride here together 😉