We spent Saturday and Sunday with my family with our first lake housing of the season. The car ride was rough for me but the sunshine and family made it worth the drive.  It was Father’s Day and while this was the best photo we could muster today we love us some Papa! IMG_0968
 The girls and I convinced Bibi to do a jammie ride in the wee hours to get J a special yummy latte to celebrate his awesome-ness.  These girls love him something fierce and made home-made cards that were truly presh.  I asked Annikah to write the reasons they love Papa and here are some excerpts….”I love you papa because you take my on dates and I love you becase you help me and Mama and Evy and becase you are kind to me and nise (nice) to me. I love you vere vere (very) much!” and Evy as dictated to Anni, “I love you Papa becase he helps me and he gives me rel (real) hugs and he snugols (snuggles) me and him let me play on him IPad and he cums with us a lot of plasis (places)” 
Seriously, the part about the snuggles and taking them on dates: I melted. And the bit about the Ipad. Bless their hearts.
Men who invest, count the cost, provide for, protect, lead in self sacrificing ways, and love their wives and children are truly blessings and I got me one of those baby daddies. I love you Jason.  So much and for so many reasons. Spending the day with my Dad and family to celebrate Father’s Day was great.
jet ski highs
P.S. Do the vertical stripes make me look less prego pudgy?


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