We are back to “normal life” although I’m not really sure what that means most days. Spending 3 plus hours at a clinic helping translate for our friends was sure a wake up call to the difficult realities for most of the world though.  And again I was reminded how we do not deserve or merit the blessings that flow to us and how our reaction and posture in receiving them is so vital.
But the post Disney crash is hard for two little girls who spent the last week in kid euphoria (“what Mama, we have to do school today?!?!).  I swear if you do not have ADHD a few days at Disney might just give you it! There is always something to do, look at, listen to, buy (seriously, 9 dollars for a hot dog! what has the world come to?). But we had a blast and watching the girls experience and take it all in was blessing, one we are keenly aware is not to be taken for granted. So, what more to say but get ready for a whole lot of adorable pictures of my kids in Florida….
had to do the Dumbo
check out the name of the store!!
apparently Evy was totally feelin’ her magic carpet ride
but a bit terrified by Belle
J got volunteered (yes, by me) to be a knight- he was so cute!
after lights parade crash but she made it from 9am to 9pm with no nap!
meeting the mouse
our big brave girl’s second time on Space Mountain
we tore up the cups yo!
the girl’s favorite princesses (an we saw a lot so these ladies should feel special)
my mom noted that “happily ever after” must mean you are stuck at the end of long line of kids signing autographs, smiling from ear to ear, and taking pictures for the rest of your life 🙂
All day at Disney is a wee tiring. And this may just be one of my favorite pictures ever of our girls who play hard and crash hard and continue to remind and teach me to live life with vivacious resolve and grateful quietness.  More on our adventures tomorrow,

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oooh, I forgot that you were at Disneyworld after the New Fantasyland opened. I can't wait to see that section. The one pic of Jason must be from the new area. Oh, and I just have to comment on Cinderella. The way she is tipping her head forward, just makes her look a little not-put together. She just doesn't look as refined as the other princesses.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Last picture: Sooooo cute!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    They are pretty adorable, Rox. Glad you guys had a good vacation!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi- it's Becky, Chloe's friend – and look I'm finally leaving a comment!!! I love the picture with Ariel – I have one just like it with my 2 kids from 6 years ago. Ariel is by far the favorite princess in our house 🙂