We are in Florida! Specifically Mickey World as Evy continues to call it (and I happen to think it is too adorable to correct). Yep, Warm and sunny and NOT freezing Chicago, Florida. That one. And we are running from park to park, watching two little girl’s eyes light up, hearing their giggles, trying to weave through crowds with a double stroller (yikes!), and enjoying time with Bibi and Babu.  And even though it is all extreme and crazy to be sure it is also special and the magic of seeing your kids take it all in is pretty awesome.
The first day we (along with one million of our closet friends) spent the day at Magic Kingdom and we grabbed some precious curb real estate for a parade through ‘Main Street USA’ and as I sat watching my girls totally enthralled with the parade I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude.
I thanked my mom for providing this experience that we so do not deserve and could never afford for us and we both started crying (I know, big surprise).  She took us all to Disney World for her birthday.  That is pretty rockin’. And God is so good to allow us to be here right now.

After all it is ‘the happiest place on earth’
but clearly not for Miss Evy at this particular moment (sorry, I just had to)
Although there was whining about being hungry a couple thousand times and a few near fatal uses of a plush Ariel to assault her sister in line our girls have been pretty amazing. They made it 9am until 9pm the first day! Anni is being so brave and has already conquered Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.  Evy’s favourite thing so far: the “horsey ride” AKA the carousel ( J and I think it is hilarious that we came all the way here and her fav thing is something you can do for 2 bucks at the mall). But they are grateful and they know not everyone gets to experience all this.  Anni keeps spontaneously hugging Bibi and thanking her and telling me that “only a few kids in the world get to be here.”  So true. So we are soaking it in!
More adventures in “Mickey World” tomorrow,

  1. Anonymous says:

    This has been the best present ever. I finally get to be a Bibi that gets to take her darling grand daughters to Disney!! After you have brought your own children, there is nothing greater than bringing your grand kids to see Mickey World!! Anni tells me 10 times a day that she loves me! What could be better? It is such a blessing after knowing I could have lost them both, and never had this gift!!! I love them both, and their mama who has raised such gratitude girls. They haven't asked for anything yet!! Love, Bibi

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sooo awesome!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Joel sitting next to me, looking at the pics and recognizing Evy. He says: “I know her, she is my friend. But she is gone now and I will never see her again…” with a sad face adding:”…never ever.” Hopefully he is not right with this! So you all had a great time together! How wonderful…