We drove to Cincinnati this weekend because it was about half way for each of us; dear friends that we met island side.  They were the answer to many desperate conversations I had with God about having few friends and not being able to stay one more day without a girl who got me.  And, as we found out later, we were also an answer to prayer for them. God is good to answer these prayers. We feel right back into our friendship as you do with ease and gratitude when you share limited space and time with those that are from your tribe.

On the drive back to Chicago J and I discussed how grateful we are we left home and family those almost 5 years ago now (even though that was painful and hard and ripped us apart in many ways) because He had so many amazing people He knew He would bring into our lives.  We are so blessed by the vast Body scattered across the globe for His glory.  And we are privileged to be a part of that Body.  Taking these two days to reconnect was awesome.
downtown Cincy
the man folk watching sports on the HUGE bigscreen downtown
awesome local coffee joint we stumbled into and not only got a cup of Joe but a pretty awesome coffee education
After our caffeine buzz we were off to the Museum Center; beautiful, retro, art deco vibe
the kids had a blast exploring together
child labor laws do not apply at the children’s museum
IMG_0934Yep, we were there ALL day. IMG_0960We wore out the hallway between our two rooms and our girls had so much fun they sobbed when it was time to say goodbye.  They sense it too; although it is such a blessing to have friends flung across the globe it is deeply painful to always have to say “see you later inshallah” for now.
Praying our paths cross again soon,


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