We have been travelling the world from our 3rd floor apartment in the Chicago! Annikah declared” I love the whole world and I wanna see how big it is!”  That was all the encouragement I needed to turn our social studies time into an adventure in world travelling   We have made it our mission to “visit” and learn about as many countries as possible.  So far we have about 20 flag stamps in our construction paper passport with many blank pages just waiting to be filled.

The resources on-line are fabulous and with the opportunity to make use of fast internet and download speeds we are going crazy! I wanted to share some of the resources we are using for any families out there looking for new ways to learn about the amazing people and places God has created. We are doing this in addition to our home school curriculum  (although some has overlapped) so you don’t need to home school or have any special lessons to join in!
Here is Annikah showing off her passport
The instructions and templates for the God’s Kingdom passport here.We used the template and then made it our own by adding a picture and getting more flags and passport stamps on-line.
 We read a story about the country, do map activities, watch a video from there, pray for the people there, practice writing or saying a few words from a language spoken there, learn a little about the history and culture, and even cook food from there (on India week, because umm, we LOVE some Indian food up in here). There are so many opportunities around us to learn from the people in our city.  We are visiting a Buddhist temple down the street soon!
Of course we are merely scratching the surface in learning about these places but is so awesome to see the curiosity and and sense of adventure and compassion this is stirring in Anni’s heart.
We have also been reading and watching along with Phoneix Phaxx’s Great Commission Adventure. You can get the free kit here (or let me know and borrow ours!).  There are also some great free resources and ideas here for families that want learn and pray for the world together.
Each week we put some of our allowance we set aside for God into the radio (to raise funds for solar and wind up radios) and on the day we were sending it in Anni came in from the kitchen with tears in her eyes and holding tight to her last dollar.   When I asked her what was wrong she said “God wants me to give this one too.”  And then I started tearing up  too. We had read a story a few weeks ago about a little girl who had started giving her money and time and been an example for her whole family and community.  I told Annikah that day she did the same for me. This learning to love and give stuff is life changing and I am grateful I learn some of these lessons from my children.  What do you do as a family to “travel” the world and learn together?
 I’d love to hear and safari njema,

  1. Anonymous says:

    We have the Phoenix Phax kit too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i love your traveling!

  3. Anonymous says:

    habitat.org has some cool info on the countries where they are building. It talks about the housing conditions and stuff. You can find cool photos and videos on their site too. Just an idea, since most of my travelling has been through Global Village :)Awesome to see how big Anni's heart is for the world! She takes after her momma and papa!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a fabulous mom you are! Wow that is so much fun. I just tested up as I read what Anni did! Wow so sweet!