We have been studying ancient Egpyt in home school and since Anni loves social studies (and her Mama is a former history teacher geek) we may have gotten a little crazy with it! We have been fascinated by the rituals, grossed out by everything mummy, and impressed with the history of this civilization.
We decided to join some friends for an Egyptian day!
Annikah as a mummy.  giggling…more giggling…Mama I’m hot! Mama, I CAN’T BREATHE! Yep, her mummy-hood was short lived (after the picture of course). 
making Egyptian bread (bread soaked in honey and baked).
My favorite part was in asking questions of the girls about what the have learned one little sister chimed in “my sister used to be a mummy.”  Really, hmmm.
decorating our gold cuff braclets
hieroglyphics painting
the Egyptian royalty all dressed up and ready to rule (hey it was the extra fabric I had laying around…work with me people!)
The girls played and made their very own chariot.  These are the days when I love the flexibility and creativity we have in schooling.  And we plan on making our days together a regular thing.
What is your favorite subject in history?

  1. Anonymous says:

    My sister used to be a mummy. Classic. 🙂 I love homeschooling.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Acient Egypt is also one of the favorits of our two big girls – Nasya was learning about it last year and Romy this year. And we had to make a little tomb with everything in it what you need… it was fun :-)Nasya even had a little play about it with her class at assembly once. You can search it on my blog if you give in “alten Ägypten” at SUCHEN on the right side.