Everyday we are waiting in eager anticipation of the birth of Jesus.  We light our candles, read together the scripture; the prophecy and the fulfillment, we sip (and spill) chocolate milk, and mash cookies crumbs into the carpet in the dark.  We also do activities each day that are helping us celebrate, learn about Christmas, serve, give to others, thank God for the blessings in our lives, and have fun!  A friend has called us “Advent-urers” and “Advent-urists!” and that is just dorky enough to be awesome!  We are soaking in the opportunities afforded to us being in the US this year for Advent.  Trust us, they are not lost of this family who spent last year driving around in our car (cause it had AC) and singing to a Christmas CD.
A Lego train sow
We made our way to Come to Bethlehem last week with Bibi!
real camels!! But Evy was most excited that there was a real baby Jesus (we made a few stops in the room to stare at him)
the greatest of kings born in the most humblest of places, for all mankind.


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