Our time in Texas is over (sniff).  We boarded a plane wearing T-shirts this afternoon and arrived to the chilly wind and cold of Chicago.  But we also arrived to our two little girls who could not get enough snuggle time and we were all too happy to oblige.  I must say San Antonio was awesome.  Texas is for sure a different world from Chicago but we enjoyed the slower pace, the kind folks we met (except for one surly bus driver..yikes), and the weather.  
We spent one morning exploring a huge Mexican craft market.
the colors made me so happy
and we managed to eat Mexican food everyday we were there, we sorta felt it was our duty.
our last morning we strolled through the historical district and wondered who lives in these amazing homes
and the last night J took me on a dinner cruise down the river. Guacamole and this view.  It is nice to be known.
our cruising mates were colorful and hilarious
The twinkling lights, live music, and warm night made me fall more in love with this man again. We are back to daily life but it was a blessing to step away for a couple days.

  1. Anonymous says:

    So awesome. What a wonderful way to catch your breath! With warm air no less!!