We took a last minute field trip to Brookfield Zoo yesterday (free admission on Tuesdays and Thursdays right now inspired us!)  It was an amazingly fun day full of family good stuff and adventure that was needed.  Not to mention reinforcing the recent science lessons which makes this Teacher/Mama happy.  Anni toted her notebook and pencil from exhibit to exhibit searching for examples of nocturnal animals, carnivores, omnivores, herbivores, predators, and endangered species. Watching the girls scream with glee and gasp with delight throughout the day was a great reminder of what a blessing it is to have sweet children in our lives (we can momentarily forget among the endless bickering, responsibilities, and the seemingly endless resistance to all things parental).  It was a deep breath for our family and I am grateful to God for perspective.
we talked to these birds for quite a while and they talked back y’all……fo’ real!
Tropic World was a big hit especially the Africa room.  Upon entrance Annikah screamed “Mama, it even smells like Africa!” Hilarious.
we just “went” to Bali last week with our passport activity (more on this soon since it is so fun and I wanna share!) and learned about the reticulated python and then we saw this homeboy! Holla!
“Mama, gaaarafes!!” = Happy Evy Imani.

In the difficult moments of home-schooling over the last weeks (and there have been many if I’m being honest) yesterday was a reminder that this is also a huge blessing for our family. Here’s to many more adventures that remind us that rich learning often happens outside the classroom,

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the heads up! We don't live far from there. If you head out again, maybe Katie and I could meet you there! 🙂