We are still moonlighting as Iowans and soaking in time with family (2 more days). We even made our pilgrimage to the Iowa State fair this week (more on that when I can gather my thoughts and excitement into something coherent…for now let’s just say J and I had mullet and jort spotting contests, the results of which are being hotly contested…). The day after the fair we all loaded ourselves and our children-folk in the car and headed to an amusement park in Des Moines (it is way more do-able than Six Flags and with less dressed alike folks making out way more family friendly as well.  The rest is family legend…..
Some things that merit remembering about our crazy fun day…

– I am forever grateful to you, Adventureland (and Bibi and Babu who treated the kids) because Evy and Anni slept in this morning until 8:25am and 9:05 am respectively….and that folks… has never happened before!
-Right out of the gate we adults convinced all the kids above 3 to ride a coaster of the head banger and super fast variety resulting in Annikah alternatively laughing and then screaming in terror and crying.  Thus, she chickened out the rest of the day and would not ride any other coaster even when rewards bribes of ice cream where thrown out. Yep, she punked out…maybe next year!
-Babu led the charge of riding every water ride in the joint at least 4 times each even though the morning temps had me wondering when fall arrived and no one informed me!
-Jorie repeatedly answered “I have no interest in that at all” when I relentlessly nagged her to join me on puke inducing roller coasters.  But Bibi and Babu impressed with their fearless-ness in riding most everything (although the gauntlet was thrown down in a “no hands” challenge and only Babu emerged victorious). 
me and J at adventureland
-Despite eating fries, onion rings, pizza, and guzzling at least 200 ounces of free fountain soda Jason and I braved every puke coaster and made them scream “uncle.”  We did this without yacking I might add (unfortunately the girl 2 seats down from us on this ride did not share our fate). Adventureland was awesome! I say a new family tradition might have been born….
  1. Anonymous says:

    Video is not available. But the rest of your post is there. I love that YOU and J and Babu and Bibi rode the rides! Heck yes! I'm there with ya. Maybe we can stop there on our next trip to Nebraska. See you soon.