There is seriously no catching up on all the awesome stuff we have been up to so in lieu of even trying here is a random day spent with these peeps; JustAnn (yes, that is the combo of their two names and yes, we do that in J’s family…don’t hate!) we are JRox fyi.
we hit the road to Iowa City to make it to all you can eat chicken lips (I think there was other food but really who could notice with CHICKEN LIPS and blue cheese!)
we left the watoto with Bibi and Babu and enjoyed walking around, laughing, catching up, sharing how God has been teaching each of us, and looking forward to what He has next for us.
They went and moved to Atlanta but we still love them (and hope to visit soon)
Annie and I checked out a few cute shops but Justin and Jason could not be persuaded until…
seriously! Ragstock sells 80 sweaters, hippie clothes (otherwise known as skirts I wore in Africa) and….
Gold polyester/spandex hot pants! Does life get any better? Gotta love college towns.
And mostly we amused ourselves by trying on ridiculous things…J said this is his American idol audition look
It was a beautiful day in Iowa City with two of our fave people. Oh, plus chicken lips and hot pants…who could not love that?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love!!!! Except why didn't you include the picture of you showing off your brand new shiny gold spandex jumpsuit?! Love you guys!! 😉

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