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Tonight was our last night of women’s English lessons at my home.  Everyone came and they were dressed to impress as they knew we would be taking some “kumbu kumbu” (memories) pictures.  Heck, even I wore some eyeliner for the occasion much to their delight!
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Doro was there and together we lead our last time together at least for now inshallah.   She snapped these pictures that I simply love.  These women are beautiful, courageous, hard working, and precious.  We have enjoyed learning together so much on even on those days when I just could not even imagine doing one more thing their showing up ready to try, fail, and learn inspires me.  And they are hilarious!  Seriously they even managed to give out some advice on lovin’ last night while presenting me with gifts (the details of which I will spare for those who ask in person since some motions were involved :).  Have I mentioned I LOVE the women here? They are cheeky and so tough.  My kind of wanawake.   We reviewed the questions and answers we have been practicing for months and they showed off just how much they have learned and then we ate biryani with our hands until we were stuffed: island style celebrating.
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 I have learned so much about life from these ladies and I pray the lessons and stories we have learned together will bless them and give them abundant hope in their lives because they have so touched mine.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I found your blog recently. I just wanted to say that your story is so encouraging. May God bless you in this new season in your life.