to close her wound.

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Quick update on Miss Evy Imani’s toe:  I have spent a lot of time since the accident bandaging and cleaning and re-bandaging her burn.  She has been amazing but we think mostly because she must have nerve damage but in this last week she has started crying and fighting it which as anyone who has tried to wrestle a feisty 2 year old knows makes things very difficult. Pole Evy (and Mama)!  But when in a stroke of Mama genius I suggested we always bandage her baby’s foot as well she was back on board.  Her wound still looks pretty much the same as a couple weeks ago and we received confirmation that she has an appointment with a burn specialist at Children’s Memorial Hospital when we arrive.  We will know more then and update on her treatment.  God has been so good in keeping this burn from infection in the land of dirt and dust and we know He will see us all through her treatment.  Now we are anxious to find out what that will mean and spend time healing with her.  Thanks for your prayers and concern and we will update as we know more. 



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