I should know better than to believe someone here when they say “siyo mbali” “it’s not far.”  Because for people here who are used to walking all day in this heat it really is not that far but for the record for my Mzungu wuss self it was faaaaaarrrrrrr!  Yep, really, it was my own fault as we lamented many a times while walking for almost an hour in search of a government primary school this week. Doro came along for which I am so grateful since we are better as a team and she rocks and she manages to take pictures while I am busy singing, talking, or otherwise occupied (not to mention her extra awesome-ness (it is a word hush!)  in carrying Miss Evy for a spell when the loooooong walk (did I mention we walked for ever?) got to be too much for this sweat covered Mama).
Evy managed about 20 feet on her own but girlfriend was too hot.  I feel you!
Once we were escorted by one of the teacher’s husband who left his welding shop to rescue and lead the lost Wazungu through what can only be described as a maze of winding dirt pathways we finally arrived.  And I thought I sweated back when I ran the marathon….child’ play people.  We had quite a reception of screaming watoto who were very pumped that we made it!  It was sorta like a frenzied mob attack only with giggling and pointing.  I think I now know how Angelina must feel when she is accosted by paparazzi.
school visit shaurimoyocollage.jpgedit
We walked through the entire school until we made it to the two nursery classrooms and met the teacher and students.  The teacher from the seminar was pumped we made it and we chatted a bit about her classroom and listened to the kids sing a welcome song.
have I mentioned before just how amazingly beautiful the children here are? Just in case there was any doubt…
school visit shaurimoyo1.jpgcollage 2.jpgedit
We taught them a few new songs and just hung out for a bit including the mandatory “drink this soda and sit at special table in the head teacher’s office as guest of honor.” Before heading out we had to get a class picture that was framed and dropped off today to a very happy teacher and students to proudly hang in their classroom.

yep, this was the craziest school visit yet.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love reading about these school visits! Are they schools of participants in the teacher training?