taking anni to school 015.jpgedit
J was up early to catch the morning puke ferry to Dar since his foot issues have been getting worse.  We are praying he can actually get some care and answers today. After breakfast Evy and I escorted Anni Joy to her bus stop.  The bus was late again but the girls enjoyed playing, chasing chickens, and finding shells and I got to chat with some neighbors. And the bus finally made it packed full of watoto chanting “Annikah, Annikah, Annikah!”
taking anni to school 005.jpgedit
And upon further review I regretted my decision to allow the girls to draw with markers while I was in the shower.
taking anni to school 011.jpgedit
Good morning folks.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE the marker war paint. Pretty par for the course around here when they aren't marking up the couches. (I never said I was a great parent)