There is no fuel on our island. That is NOT cool. Or I guess truth be told there is a tiny little bit that makes it way to various gas stations every other day but is quickly snatched up by the lines and lines of people waiting. Jason waited for over 2 hours only to be told they had run out. The situation is getting hairy y’all!! We are home bound since both our car and J’s piki piki have been empty for days. We sold our bike (not wise) so we are limited. I have taken the dala dala out on a couple of occasions but with two kids, sweltering temps, and limited time that is always an exercise in self punishment. So we are mostly hanging out at home and the power AND internet came back too! Woo hoo! We celebrate the small things folks. Like refrigeration and home made fudge pops!! Now those are awesome!

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Happy Sunday!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel for you. Hope you get some fuel soon. Hugs and kisses, and as we say at our house, “This too shall pass.” I love how you find the good in difficult circumstances. It speaks to me. I love you, sister!