We had to take a quick trip to Dar for medical checks and to get Anni and my passports renewed. J got up early and took the puke boat and, in further demonstrating his heroic tendencies, allowed us girls to fly.

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and my girls LOVE to fly! When we arrived we negotiated a brilliant deal on a taxi and in a stroke of genius that never ceases to amaze me šŸ™‚ I remembered Anni an I did not have the correct size passport photo since like everything else in the world the U.S. has gotta be unique (errr…annoying) so we made a quick stop off while our taxi waited and got new photos printed. Then it was off to the doctor to check out our persistent and pesky cough/headaches/snot nose/ nasty bugs
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where we collected more medicines than any one family should be on in a year let alone a day yikes!
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and got a couple vaccination boosters to combat the measles outbreak on our island right now. We are grateful for good medical care!
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then it was off to get our passports renewed at the U.S. Embassy
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and we were finally reunited with a tired and sweaty Jason who spent the morning running around town trying to get a replacement battery for the car we use in Dar. We devoured some quick lunch in the car before we headed into the Embassy. Here is where I also share more on the ever continuing saga of our run ins at the U.S. Embassy!! We ONLY got our passports renewed because in another moment of brilliance I consistently carry around too much stuff! The worker told us they could not renew Annikah’s passport because since she got her first passport when she was 1 year old they had no way to tell that the child standing in front of them was indeed the same kid as the bald baby in her picture. They would need “gradual photographs” showing her changing over the years. Seriously. We protested saying that we had called no less than 20 times trying to make sure we had everything to renew since us coming is not a short or cheap jaunt over to see them. They never answered the phone and never returned calls but some how this was still our fault. It was in a moment of desperation I remembered that I carry around a few snap shots of my adorable girls in my organizer and ran out past security to dig them up. Three pictures of Annikah and all of us raising our right hands and swearing an oath did the trick. Plus, Anni totally dug the swearing the oath part! Thank you Lord!
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We celebrated our busy but successful day by showering (trust me much needed) and heading to enjoy a Bday dinner in honor of J!! The whole staff singing and embarrassing him was just a bonus!
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what is better than a restaurant with AC, a playground, and workers who watch your kids for you? Yeah, that is why we pay too much for a burger…judge us if you will.
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After dinner it was time for a quick shopping trip to stock up on cereals. And yes, Evy is shoe-less-the kid will not keep them on!
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have we ever mentioned how much we loathe traffic in Dar?
Our flight home was delayed meaning we entertained the girls for a long while in the airport where they both managed to snag free candies from other passengers or shop workers. Can I just say I love Arabs and Africans! I would always rather be traveling with them because they understand, help, and love on our kids! Traveling with Westerners mostly we get rolling of the eyes and dirty looks but complete strangers here play with our girls and spoil them. Our flight was quick and once again I thanked God we were NOT on the boat. We arrived after bedtimes but decided to just walk home from the airport because how many people can do that? The sweltering sun had long set and we thought it would be a fun way to end our trip. On the way back we were greeted and welcomed by many friends and neighbors and Annikah said “I love to travel to the world places- it is so fun!” and that made us grateful that in what we often feel is chaos our kids see the adventure! And so ended our just over 24 hours in Dar.



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