Bibi already left. Last night. Sniff. We already miss her so much! Annikah cried for 2 straight hours after dropping her off at the airport. Sweet for the first hour, annoying for the second. She really was distraught and as soon as she would calm down a bit she would start up again by whimpering “Bibi” and then her eyes would flood with tears. Poor kid. It is hard to say goodbye but we do it often in this life.

signs of leaving the wipe boards of Africa for the computer screen of the West…
Before she jet-planed it back to the good ole U.S. of A. we paraded her around to say goodbye to all our neighbors as is required and my students gave her a carefully prepared and much talked about gift. A frame and picture and drawing to remember them. I know she will. Meeting the people here and being a part of this place and culture changes you. We pray she returns safely (with all her luggage- always a miracle!) as right now she is probably somewhere over the Atlantic. It was a packed 3 weeks (more pictures of our adventures to come) but we feel so honored when people we love from “there” come to see our lives and meet the people we have come to love so dearly “here.” I tried to tell her that through many tears yesterday. I just cannot explain how much it means to us. After we dropped her off at the airport we arrived home and had a stream of Skuli parents stop by as well as some other visitors, and then a bloody faced student to patch up due to some neighborhood kid rough housing. It was a late night. We are tired but blessed and extremely full of gratefulness that our worlds have collided once again.

We will miss you Bibi Rhoda!! Mungu akubariki (God bless you)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh . . . this is such a sweet post! I totally get it now, like you said, about the people you love and reach out to. Being there and living life with them is a remarkable experience. And my time with you all was so special for me, too. Poor Anni – she has such a tender heart. Just show her the funny “slumber party” picture and maybe that will cheer her up! The time spent with your precious girls, your friends and neighbors, the school children, and exploring the island together will remain a jewel in my heart. God knew it was something we all needed, and I'm so thankful He orchestrated the whole thing, from beginning to end.