Miss Annikah Joy started her new class in school today! She moved up from ‘Green Group to Orange Group after the graduation party a month ago. Today was the first day of the new school year!

first day of Eden orange day 005.jpgedit
We set out her uniform the night before and decided on a hair style (this took more time than I care to divulge as hair styles are very important to Miss A). This morning we started the day drinking orange juice and eating orange pancakes served on an orange plate in honor of her new group. She just walked home from the bus stop and gave us the full report: she met her teacher and she is very nice and she got a new notebook and most importantly she was reunited with all her friends. We prayed together and asked that God would use her to be a light there and that she would be blessed by learning and growing in her new class.
Happy first day of Orange Group Miss Anni Joy! Love, Mama
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  1. Anonymous says:

    so sweet- and very cute hair šŸ™‚