So this is my last post in honor of our time in SA. I have been fielding tons of questions about the illusive land since we’ve been back island side. Our friends here have a hard time believing there are white folks living there in abundance and that the black folks speak using clicks…seriously I think my neighbors think I make this stuff up. So in addition to a few more pics I had lurking around that were too cute not to post here is an ode to our trip using South African speak I learned while there……..

So at first we spent a night in the clink, shame! It was beyond hectic! Just a word of advice: Please remember your vaccination cards when traveling hey? Upon our release we grabbed a trolley and collected our luggage and loaded it in the bonnet of the rental car (after standing in a long que I might add). Then we were off to see my china Chloe! She is super kiff by the way and all our kids loved playing together everyday- only the occasional stroppy comment- but they have lots of vuma those girls! We grabbed our tackys and headed out to hike and run and see God’s beautiful creation every chance we could and like good South Africans we enjoyed a Brai almost everyday. We also ate some fabulous food and noticed that local fashion is very cool; lots of color! We did spot a few kugels though..yikes! Driving everywhere we had to get used to traffic lights being called robots and tipping a parking attendant everywhere we went. But everything was easy to get used to when you are not sweating, eating yummy food, outside and loving it, enjoying time with the body of Christ, and with friends. And amazing worship services where we got our dance on! We did not want to leave but we gathered and smashed all our katundu in our suitcases and were off…back to our island.
south africa 901.jpgedit
cupcakes on the beach….life is good!

hanging with “Gaga” (Chloe’s Mom) ….Anni liked to call her “Lady Gaga” and it was too precious to correct

And yes, McD’s again…no judgement please!
first sushi ever in Cape Town with my china Chloe (and our sun burnt faces)
south africa 985.jpgedit
J & Tim catching some waves (I opted for catching a latte on the beach with the kiddos this time)
“babies” as Evy lovingly called them were everywhere
south africa 995.jpgedit
the boys working on the Brai..hard work can’t you tell?
south africa 1069
I love that being barefoot is totally acceptable EVERYWHERE in SA…my watoto fit in!
And have I mentioned that my kids are travel rock stars?? I guess traversing continents will do that to you, hey?
south africa 1088.jpgedit
And here is a random and poor quality (b/c of uploading capabilities here) video montage of some moments….
And with that I complete my homage to our time in South Africa! It was a pleasure! Cheers!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Video is sooo cute! The park looks fun. Glad you could go.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Even in context, I'm still not sure I know what some of your new vocab means!! Looks like a fabulous time for your family!

  3. Anonymous says:

    a HUGE “like”! And I understood everything! I love the Cheers!