siku hizi..…means “these days” and I especially love this oft used phrase because when said really fast it sounds like “squeezy.” Always makes me giggle. And I thought I would post some recent pictures of visits with friends. It is almost siku kuu and anyone who reads this blog knows that means it is time to party here!! Ramadan is just a few short days and a moon sighting away from being over. Everything about life here is different during Ramadan. It is hard to describe I guess but life just changes for one month. Completely. We have been visiting and hanging with folks a lot since no eating during daylight hours does give everyone lots of time to hang out. But not this week. This week is crazy busy with a swirl of buying and making new clothes, gathering and cooking special foods, and preparing for 4 days of celebrating Eid. Think week of Christmas chaos only with no snow, roosters crowing instead of Christmas music playing, visiting everyone you know, and shopping and eating at the market all night long. But I am ready….or as ready as one can be for impending chaos…..

Mwaka Kogwa 042.jpgedit

Mwaka Kogwa 046.jpgedit
Annikah and the band of watoto that seem to follow us around everywhere (one stowing away in my car without me knowing and hiding for 2 hours…yeah I almost had a panic attack when we discovered her!) have joined us on several visits. I am never really sure how every outing turns into a parade of people and a smash of bodies cramming into our car but that is life.

Mwaka Kogwa 036.jpgedit
The kids all love holding the njiwa which literally tranlates to dove but these birds look more like peigeons to me. Nonetheless, two little girls I know LOVE them and any chance they get to go visit the house with the birds they are there!
Mwaka Kogwa 039.jpgedit

shule,anni and Lusi, painting, evy 026.jpgedit
Evy with “my baby girl“…she is getting big!!
Also, I am thanking God because he heals. Even when I ask for healing in my doubt and I am blessed to get to see His hand work. A little girl we often visit was sick again last week and we went to be with their family because that is what you do here. On our visit I asked the mother if I could pray for the little girl since she had not eaten or drunk anything in 4 days. She said I could and then after going back a day later to check in she is doing much better!
Here comes Eid & Annikah’s 5th Bday…exciting times!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, “your baby” is getting really big! What is her mamma feeding her šŸ™‚ Loved seeing some familiar faces in the pics