…Amazing friends that have acquired sainthood status because of their generous offering to swap their hotel room in town for one night with our digs AND pay for the room AND watch our girls so J and I could have an afternoon AND night in town on a date!!! Seriously, Scott & Emily; you are both rockstars! Last week I had a hot date…..

our date in stone town 002.jpgedit
J and I jumped at the chance and took off on his piki piki with me riding side saddle like all good Waswahili women do trying to keep our overnight bag from falling off the back. We blasted AC with abandon (I know!!!) and read books leisurely…..
our date in stone town 012.jpgedit
then we wandered around town and enjoyed some thinking & praying time…..
our date in stone town 018.jpgedit
and did some people watching……
our date in stone town 029.jpgedit
from the roof top deck……
our date in stone town 038.jpgedit
I love this man……
our date in stone town 031.jpgedit
we listened to school children being dismissed next door……
our date in stone town 044.jpgedit
and missed our girls (a little)
our date in stone town 047.jpgedit
we walked to dinner in the dark and enjoyed “mock-tails” made with fresh mint, pineapple and mango juice by candle light
our date in stone town 055.jpgedit
and had a real grown up date. no kids, no distractions, just us time.
our date in stone town 065.jpgedit
Then we snuggled, slept in, and had coffee in town. Reading His word, talking together, drinking an iced vanilla latte…. a peaceful morning. We are thankful. It rocked!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate an anniversary even if it was a tad early!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh I am so so very glad for you!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    roxi- dude i'm so pumped for you- what a huge blessing girlfriend! and LOVE the smores- so great! we didn't have july 4th fireworks in tx either- too dry they were afraid of fires.