The team from Chicago made it and besides a few stomach bugs already things have been going crazily smooth! It is so amazing and SURREAL to see folks from “home” here at our new “home.” Lots of awesome-ness!

I am updating in haste just to ask for prayer. I know many of you faithfully lift us and the people here up and I ask that today you pray for a student of Jason’s. I do not know many details at this point as I got a frantic phone call just as I was chasing away shule kids and walking two friends from the US group to catch the dala dala. There was yelling, crying, and Jason’s voice asking me to bring the car now to take his student to the hospital. I ran home, grabbed the girls, some meds I thought may help, and rushed to the home they were at. 4 people helped carry his student who had been convulsing and was unconscious into our car and everyone squeezed in and we drove to the hospital. The girls and I waited outside since Evy’s diaper was leaking, she had no shoes, they both had not had dinner. I took pictures to amuse them, we greeted people, and prayed and waited. I headed home shortly with the girls and are waiting to hear more. Our girls are amazing, flexible, and dirty. But they, along with us, are learning to rely on Him more and more everyday.
It is a bizarre situation as far as I understand at this point and we sense the need for prayer. As I type Jason is still at the hospital waiting and praying. If you are one who knows and trusts the power of prayer please pray. We sense it is really needed.

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