So, things are ridiculously ridiculous here right now. We have our normal lives (which are anything but normal) continuing along with trying to help the Wazungu parade that has landed and invaded from Chicago. They are welcome invaders though for sure!! I have already cried like 10 times just having folks that “get me” here. That is just awesome. But for sure it is keeping us B-U-S-Y! There are many updates about J’s student- please continue to lift him up and the team has been so busy- everything from helping me at shule, to praying for people in the hospital, to visiting a school for the deaf here, to learning how to cook, to worshiping together, to visiting with our friends and neighbors, to having a scavenger hunt in town, and trying to tan those pasty bodies šŸ™‚ at Prison Island yesterday. And as I type some folks are hosting a football tournament near our vocational school that we are headed to now. See….crazy!

But for all the chaos this pretty much sums up how I feel having sisters and brothers here…..
chicago team 100.jpgedit
…yep, just like that.

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