Stole this idea from some friends who are way better at this blogging thing than me and I kinda dig the random grouping of pics with explanations. Here goes my first attempt:

anni makes stool, wedding in Bububu 001.jpgedit
kids outside, baking, evy kazi 001.jpgedit
vanity, foro, girls coffee 031.jpgedit
vanity, foro, girls coffee 018.jpgedit
painting, evy with neighbor 026.jpgedit
evy with glasses, nassir in tank 011.jpgedit
vanity, foro, girls coffee 030.jpgedit
vanity, foro, girls coffee 019.jpgedit
inshaallah van, flat indi pics 002.jpgedit
anni makes stool, wedding in Bububu 070.jpgedit
1. 2 bald babies.
2. seeing just who can lift who.
3. sun slipping away over the Indian Ocean.
4. the best latte on our island (in this girl’s humble opinion)
5. lending some tutoring to a neighbor.
6. shule kids exploring our water tank in search of strange vermin.
7. “twins” at their fav playground. A special hard earned allowance money spent treat last night.
8. sharing some much needed girl-time with friends from all over the world with this island in common.
9. God willing safely. local transport bus.
10. dressed in the finest and ready to celebrate.
  1. Anonymous says:

    Great idea – great pictures!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love how long Evy's hair looks in the first pic!