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Today is the day set aside to celebrate Mama’s; the never ending tasks, the first giggles, the difficult decisions, the hugs and kisses only a Mama gets, the scrapes and hurts only a Mama can make better, the endless challenges that keep me on my knees mingled beautifully with the joy I never knew I could be living in. Yep, a day just to celebrate us. Women. Mothers. And the blessing and privilege God gives us in entrusting children made in His image to us. That we get to walk this life together. Awesome.

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Jason did it up just right; I got to sleep in while he and the girls did a DD (an oft craved American treat) run for my favorite iced almond coffee with skim milk and splenda with a sesame seed bagel. Then I got snuggles, a home made card, and a kanga covered (because he knows that I would cringe at the thought of him spending money on wrappng paper when I could put that dollar into the “fancy coffee” fund) picture frame I love. It is nice to be known. We headed to church early so we could hit the playground outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Then we celebrated with a huge turkey dinner made by my mom (yummy!), cake for my Grandma’s birthday, and time together. Grandparents, my mom and dad, my sister and brother, and even my aunt (who made a special trip and brought great resources that will bless the kids I teach in Africa- thanks again!!!) all together in one place: amazing and blessing and all things good.
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my dad is all about carving turkey
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go for it girl!
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Evy teaches Auntie Katy “the face”
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Aunt Karen- thanks again!
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Happy Mother’s Day to my mom who is and has always been my biggest cheerleader, a Mom who sacrifices for her kids and made it her business to teach us we are special, unique, and capable of reaching our dreams. The last few years have given me a new appreciation for how difficult of a job this Mama-gig thing really is. Thank you to all the Mamas out there that inspire me, challenge me, make me laugh at myself, help me breathe and take it in, and give me community, wisdom, and spur me on in this Mama life. Happy Mother’s Day!!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    What gorgeous pictures! SO glad you had such a wonderful day!