matchbox cars, mothers day 059
We spent our last morning in Iowa at a fabulous little zoo with J’s family (before we drove back to Chicago and straight to the doctor with a sick Evy again…..sigh…more soon). Annie and her girls, our family, and Bibi Rho (Jorie was at home helping the little patient Silas recover from having his tonsils out!) headed to the zoo together. It was a gorgeous day that made anything else but being outside completely ludicrous if not insane. We packed ourselves a picnic lunch, loaded up the strollers, and peeled off layers as we enjoyed this little zoo just the right size for our broad of small watoto. Evy loved the animals and in her usual fearless feats even entered one cage while I was taking a picture (I was neglecting my motherly duties in lieu of taking pictures…shocking I know!). Anni and Claire waited the extra 10 minutes to assure a last seat on the train which was oh-so-worth-it people! And we all loved our time together!

matchbox cars, mothers day 061
girl cousins rule!
matchbox cars, mothers day 053
taking time to smell the tulips
matchbox cars, mothers day 046
matchbox cars, mothers day 033
yep, we got ’em ready!
matchbox cars, mothers day 037
smart phon-ing it up for check-in deals…shameful!
matchbox cars, mothers day 018
Our time ended with over tired kids, prayers, and tears in the parking lot. Saying good bye is too familiar and yet always makes my heart race and the tears flow. We miss family so very much. Already.
  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks fun. Is this zoo in CR? If so, I want the name of it if we need to go during Studee-time in Iowa in May

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I loved your pics from that day! They are all so good, especially you 3 pretty ladies by the tree (ok, in the tree), the very fitting Passport to Africa pic, Anni and Claire together, and so many more. However, the award goes to the “smart phoning it” one. Not only was that nicely done but I like how it's a verb. šŸ™‚