Yep. They are indeed. Well, at least a few of them and some new ones as well. Our team leader and his family arrived safely and with lots of luggage in tow this week. It was great to see them and size up how big the kids had gotten in their months back in Germany. They are adjusting back to life here and the kids are thrilled to be back to days of running around outside. We were also treated to some special zawadis they brought back including some Gouda cheese and dried sausage which we happily ate for dinner last night. Anni is excited to have some wazungus kids to hang with again and noted that “Mama, the wazungus are back.” Another family arrived this week too! They were living in Kenya and now headed not to from from here but they stopped on our little island first to study Kiswahili for a couple months. They are Americans and even brought us a big bag full of Doritoes… they won our hearts!! They have 3 girls and I see lots of princess dress up dates in our future. Our team leader also brought back and installed a zip line in his yard. We had to do the neighborly thing and go check it out Saturday morning. 6 girls on a zip line: Fun times!

zipline 003.jpgedit

zipline 002.jpgedit

hanging out with friends rules!

zipline 005.jpgedit

  1. Anonymous says:

    How much fun the zip line looks. The girls have gotten so much bigger since we were there. Anni did great. We did testing Roatan through the jungles. It was fun.