Each month at Anni’s school they pick one day to celebrate any kids that have a Bday during that month. Parents can send treats to school and the teachers have a little party for the watoto. To say Anni was excited about this would be like saying I LIKE Mexican food. In other words, an extreme understatement. It was adorable; she would ask me about the cake plans and remind me that I was supposed to pack a pretty dress in her backpack for her to change into at least once a day for the past week. She would also tell us over and over that she was going to pick Iftiham to help her since she was her “really good friend” and I guess you get to pick one friend to help you with your cake festivities. Friday was the day (although I only found that out on Thursday) but I could not let Miss Anni down. I donned my apron and we baked and baked until we had tons of pink cupcakes. Anni mostly licked the beaters but still a valiant effort on her part.
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I dropped her off at school on Friday with candy for everyone, pink frosted cupcakes, and a special “really fancy dress” selected by Miss Anni along with a bling headband. That day she was up super early with backpack on (before she even ate breakfast) and on the car ride there she said “Mama, I hope we are not late and it is already meal time.” It reminded me of those days when you were little were you would lose sleep or wake extra early so excited about a special day, a field trip, or a party at school. My big girl had a birthday celebration at school and it was well anticipated! I resisted my urge to stay to see every minute of the celebration (and it helped that I was wicked busy that day and no other parents usually come and I try hard to not be so “wazungu” all the time) and left my camera with a teacher in my stead. When Anni got home she had a handmade crown and some balloons from her teacher and told us the tales of “Birthday Day” at school. Pretty rock on in Miss Annikah’s book! j with dog, bday at eden 007.jpgedit
j with dog, bday at eden 015.jpgedit
Anni & the other Bday boy get ready to cut the cakes (which looked a lot better pre-heat that morning)…gotta love the Bday candle, right?
j with dog, bday at eden 019.jpgedit
Anni & Ifti feeding each other
j with dog, bday at eden 020.jpgedit
Almost 4…just a matter of days now…

  1. Anonymous says:

    How cute. Glad she wore the dress I got her. What is the tatoo thing on her shoulder/arm? At first from a distance it looked like she had gotten hurt on her bike or something, then I saw sun rays? Was it for the birthday celebration?

  2. Anonymous says:

    princess tattoo…of course šŸ™‚ just for fun- brought back from Germany for her!