just some random pics from the past week….

shopping for a bike for Anni’s Bday (we found one…pics to come)
daily life, getting smoothies 024.jpgedit
women selling fish along the road
daily life, getting smoothies 026.jpgedit
not Target selection but they pack in a lot in one roadside duka
daily life, getting smoothies 030.jpgedit
and a Mama of 4 of the shule kids brought this big fish over for a gift. They took the skin off to make it easier for us Wazungus to cook it up. We made a fish curry that Anni LOVED! Then we hacked down some bananas in our yard and brought them over as a thank you for teaching J to fish. The kids were super excited about the mashed bananas and coconut that would soon follow.
fish gift,hamock,bath 002.jpgedit
and lately it has been really “cold” here……just look at this guy at the market wearing a huge winter jacket….85 degrees is chilly!
coffee,eats coast, making kawa 003.jpgedit

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, that guy in the jacket wasn't hot? LOL