anni playing with bigLucy, hadija and mama, jason with fish 004.jpgedit
Jason made it back from his all day fishing endeavour. He had an upset stomach from being part of tiny wooden boat vs. crazy big waves and also suffered from a totally sore bootay since there were no “seats” to speak of. Although exhausted he said he learned a ton. The amazing thing about experiencing things like this is we gain so much new insight about real life here, about how hard people work to provide for their families, how close they live to nature, how much they know about the land and sea, and how much we appreciate being invited into their world (even if for only a bit). Jason returned carrying some of the day’s bounty to interested and cheering fans of watoto from the neighborhood (his stock definitely went up after being an mvuvi (fisherman) for a day). And while I am pretty confident this in not a new career path for him he will definitely go with our neighbor again. That is after the waves calm down a bit next month and make for a more Mzungu friendly safari.
anni playing with bigLucy, hadija and mama, jason with fish 005.jpgedit Yeah Papa!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love all the neighbor kids in the back because they do look like they are thinking what is that crazy white man doing now?

  2. Anonymous says:

    you go, bro!! šŸ™‚ i love all of the admiring kids in the background of that pic!