The power went out yesterday which makes teaching computers at our school a bit challenging. After having some interesting discussions with his students while waiting for the power to return Jason decided it was not coming back anytime soon and so he let class out early. He came home and I was itching to get out of the house; too many kids around hollering “Mama Annikah”, too much noise, too much laundry to be folded, and no fans. We decided to flee our house and check out a music concert at the main park in town put on by a NGO. The kids came from different schools on the island and played instruments, sang, and danced. Anni decided she wants to play the violin when she gets bigger. It was a beautiful day and after listening to some music, we wandered around, Anni hit the park, and we ended the day by grabbing some street food. We enjoyed just being here and being together (plus any excuse for me to take pictures).
music at foro park 001.jpgedit
old colonial building in town that is now a museum
music at foro park 010.jpgedit
music at foro park 013.jpgedit
music at foro park 015.jpgedit Evy enjoyed the music
music at foro park 023.jpgedit
and Anni could not get enough of the park. She can climb all the way to the top by herself!
music at foro park 027.jpgedit
music at foro park 043.jpgedit
check out that bike riding skill! Time for her own (great timing for her 4th Bday)
music at foro park 049.jpgedit
they even had a little push chair for Evy!
music at foro park 059.jpgedit
and she loved it!
music at foro park 066.jpgedit
Anni sipped her fresh sugarcane juice while we waited for Papa to get our fresh fish and spicy soup
music at foro park 063.jpgedit
doesn’t this make you want to visit? Karibu Sana!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Evy looks so happy all the time. What a sweetie. Seeing the pics reminded me of our trip and street fair. Good way to spend a day without power.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yes – brings back fond memories here, too. So nice that they're making such good use of the new park. Do they still have the food at night, too?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The pic of Anni and Evy is priceless…definitely my fave! Looks like a great family day. Love you all!

  4. Anonymous says:

    great pics!! i'm loving evy in her 'e' onesie!! šŸ™‚