Even when we think we have an afternoon “free” it always seems to get filled with something. For sure this is part of life with watoto but it also has everything to do with living in a less than scheduled culture. A couple weeks back I got an invite to a wedding an hour before it started. And for anyone keeping count I must have gone to at least 50 weddings by now! Anni wanted to join me (she loves getting all princess-ed up, the dancing…err I mean swaying, and the food) and so the girls and I got blinged out in a hurry and were off with the neighbors to celebrate. It was a beautiful location right on the ocean and we enjoyed sitting, talking, and meeting lots of new people.
anni worship, evy scooting, 001.jpgedit
anni worship, evy scooting, 014.jpgedit
Another day last week we stopped by to visit some friends at their home and ended up staying for way too long necessitating me holding a sleeping Evy while trying to help some women cook. I also got an impromptu lesson in kushona (sewing) and I got to see how the Mama of the house earns money for her family. She makes makes these kofia (hats) that all most all the men here wear. But what was amazing to me is that since she did not have the money to buy thread she finds old material and cuts and takes it apart thread by thread and then uses that to sew the patterns on the hat. Crazy resourceful right? She is making a special one for Jason that I will be sure to post pics when it is finished.

Last minute but good. Really good.
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