The World Cup (or Cup-i as we have heard since Waswahili LOVE to put an “i” on the ends of words….just ask “Jasoni”) is HUGE here! Being American and more specifically me I could give a rip about sports….I do like watching them live but on TV…..blah! Now that it is the World Cup almost everyone here is watching; expat and local. Locals gather around dukas with TV’s or even along the road with one TV on top of a pile of rocks to make it more visible. We have been catching some of the games and Jason has enjoyed talking smack with the locals (and our teamates) about various teams. Rich came up with an idea to have a friendly wager about who would win it all (the Brits called it a sweepstakes). We all put in 1,00 shillings (about 80 cents) and drew names to see who would take it all in the end. The winner gets the whole pot which amounts to about 3 dollars (hey, we are broke!) and I still have one team (Go Holland!!) left in it so I am invested folks!! Are you watching?

4th of July 001.jpgedit
here we are showing off our teams

  1. Anonymous says:

    I still have Uruguay… who knew Argentina would already be out by now!