Today half our team left for Germany. We said goodbye before they boarded their ferry and I teared up knowing we will not see them for several months. They are going home to visit their family and catch up with friends and hopefully raise some funds to complete our vocational school. We miss them already and the next few months will be LONG for Miss Anni who adores the girls. Anni made a little book for them with some pictures and drawings for them to remember her by during their time away. She also shared some of her precious few fruit snacks (yeah, that is how much she loves them!) for them to enjoy on their trip.
Anni made them a special little book with some hand drawn pictures, photos, narrations by Miss A, and princess stickers (FYI- nothing is complete without princess stickers)
My fav was this first drawing (I love that the sleeves of the dresses go up to their ears). Anni did a pretty great job in this Mama’s opinion since it was based on this picture (of course artistic license was taken since as Anni said “I have to wear pink Mama”):

We will miss you all……Sana (very much)!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    I can't believe how big their gilrs have gotten since I was there. What a shame they have to leave. Anni was so exited to go back to see them all. We went to the zoo today for a DVM seminar. I got Anni some glitter butterfly tattoo books that I will save for the next book. Hope the other one gets there this week. Great Bibi's birthday is this week. Rich turns 21 tomorrow, so Katy is celebrating with them after his formal in Chicago.