Look at this face…this is what happens when we get packages full-o-love & goodies from you!

So shamelessly I am posting some things we LOVE to get in packages only because some dear, fabulous, and kind souls have asked if they happened to have the time (by chance?) &/or some extra fund-age (maybe?) and tons of generosity šŸ™‚ what we would like to arrive from overseas in a well worn but much anticipated box-o-lovliness (yes, please!!)….Well, I have not been known to be shy and we LOVE packages not just for the fun American treats melted to the inside but because it makes us feel so loved, connected, and reminds us of all things home. We are suckers for packages, really.

Vitu ambavyo tunapenda (things that we like:)ā€¦.
Corn tortillas (non organic ones, we fry ’em up and make tortilla chips…oh how I miss Mexican…sniff…tear)
Bulgar wheat
Almond extract
Blue cheese dressing (Kraft)
Dijon (grey poupon)/spicy mustard
Chocolate Chips
Jello no bake cheesecake
Starbucks mocha powder
Ranch/Italian mix dressing packets
Instant type meals- (ie just add water, oil, milk, etc)
hot sauce (Tabasco- chipotle & regular)
jello instant chocolate or vanilla pudding
kool Aid & Crystal lite packets

Culturelle Probiotic for kids (it is one of the only probiotic they sell at stores like Target that DOES NOT need to be refrigerated….it helps Anni’s tummy fight the bugs here)

ANYTHING from Trader Joe’s (like mixes, sauces, snacks…Oh, how we miss TJ’s)
nail polish (the women here LOVE it)
fruit snacks for Miss Anni
dollar spot-type toys and small goodies to give away to kids here (these are also great to put on the top so when the inspectors open the package they do not charge us for importing things we might sell)
small photo albums (we print some pics and show our friends here)any good books (one day I will have time to read again šŸ™‚

If you do send us a package be sure to let me know so I can send you the address here of our PO Box and so we can be on the lookout and give those chocolate chips a fighting chance šŸ™‚ Plus, there are always a few things at the moment we would love that I can add to a request list.

If you send anything with lots of packaging better to remove it and place contents in a ziplock. Also if you send any sauces or liquids be sure to put in a few ziplocks in case of leak-age. Also, make sure if you send from the States you use the flat rate boxes you can get from your friendly neighborhood post office. The same amount of stuff in your own box can cost double or triple the amount (pole sana!) My mom (who is known to be an avid and much appreciated sender of packages) can fit an incredible amount in those flat rate ones. The weight does not matter I guess so we say stuff ’em full, even if you put bricks (except we actually do not prefer bricks šŸ™‚

We reserve the right to jump for joy upon receiving any packages from you! Ok, shameless plug for fun stuff ends here.
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi,I don't know you, but I read your blog. I read your post about the ladies making things from thread and it made me want to send you a package. Please give me your po box address. Or give me your email address and I will email you and you can email me back with your address. I love the idea of people making things from things I might have laying around and also sending goodies from the US for the people to try. I think what you are doing is absoloutely amazing. You have a beautiful family.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Anonymous- I cannot find a way to email you??? Thanx so much for reading and wanting to send us something- for real sooo sweet of you and a huge blessing to us- can you email me directly or leave yoru email in a comment then I can contact you?Thanks again!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I sent you a facebook message. I couldn't figure out how to email you either. Haha.