Wazee means older person in Kiswahili but like many words come with an inherent meaning of respected elder. In Kiswahili there is even a separate greeting offered for older people by anyone younger than them to show respect. I love this aspect of the culture as it is very important to teach children to always offer this greeting upon entering a place where elders are present. Annikah and Evangeline are blessed to have 5 living great grandparents and we wanted to make sure they all met Evy before we head back to Africa. Here are some photos we treasure:

meeting Grandpa Lower

meeting Grandpa Kunneman on Christmas Eve
meeting Grandpa & Grandma Engstrom in Iowa
4 generations of women of my side
a few more shots from our photo shoot:

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the picture of my dad! And I'm so glad he got to meet little Evy!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    These are great photos. I love the top one too. Gpa Lower looks so happy to be holding Evy Engy! Also brings back memories of piano recitals at Windsor.