My parents rebuilt their house in Lake Geneva right before we left for Africa so we did not get to enjoy it much but we made up for some lost time by spending last week there with my family. Anni loves her “monkey room” which is a kid’s play room painted and decorated like a jungle (now new and improved with some decor straight from Tanzania). We ate a ton, enjoyed the warmth indoors, played games, and hung out. Here are some pics of our time at Lake Geneva:

Rob loves on Evy
Anni LOVED (more like was obsessed) with Katy’s friend puppy Bella, she kept saying “she is just my size”

Thanks for coming to meet Evy Aunt Karen!

Rod and Babu try out the new pool table

Rob & his dog Data

Babu & Bibi with their “baby” Dippity

Katy and her boyfriend; Rich

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