We left the hospital today and it was weird not to be really “going home” as we are homeless wanders at the moment. Thankfully we are well taken care of at my parent’s house and Jason even got a steak dinner tonight! The hospital experience this time around was so different. First, because we made complete use of the facilities and took all the help of the amazing nurses and staff when offered. Evy slept in the nursery during the night and only came to me when she needed to nurse so we are actually not that exhausted (the real test starts tonight). We loved the room service, relaxation of not having many visitors, and had a chance just to be with each other and get to know Evy a bit. After leaving we hit Target in the nastiest sleet and ice for some needed meds we made it home and have been trying to settle in here. So far Miss Anni bounces between moments of being the most helpful and sweet little girl and moments of acting out for attention and whining. Never a dull moment……We shall see what the night brings….

Evy loves her car seat as much as her sister did…..
NOT AT ALL! Annikah was very proud of the poster Bibi and Auntie Katy helped her make
  1. Anonymous says:

    We hope, you had a good first night at “home” and Evy slept well 🙂 I know this strange feeling of going home and it´s not really the home, you are a visitor in one kind, even if it was once your home. We wish you merry christmas!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Evy takes after Anni in not loving the car seat. Glad you are settling in a bit, have a Merry Christmas!