is one my favorite places to visit around Christmas!! It is a ministry of a Salvation Army church in Norridge and although it requires tickets you can reserve online it is FREE! I first learned about it years back when I was helping with kid’s ministry in Chicago. We would take the kids every year and they loved it. The entire church is made over to make the story of the first Christmas come alive for kids complete with actors in costumes, animals, and a marketplace. Even though I am super preggers I roped my Mom (thanks Bibi) into driving us out there so Annikah could enjoy the real story of Christmas. After each room I asked her questions and she was really into it and especially LOVED seeing the baby Jesus at the end. She also had a great time exploring the marketplace where she traded shekels for various fun stuff and got to pet the camels. We even stayed for most of the concert at the end and Miss A danced the night away (see video). Very fabulous family outing as we await the day we celebrate the coming of the Messiah.

Joseph tells about the Angel that came to him in a dream

The Magi tell about the star they followed to find Jesus

Anni barters for some spices at the market

making a bracelet

weighing beans at the market

showing off her shekel

dancing around the fountain

seeing baby Jesus

baby Jesus & the camels were the highlights for Anni

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds fabulous! I'm sure Anni felt at home with the way the people dressed – sorta what she's used to! I think Gary Methodist in Wheaton does something similar.

  2. Anonymous says:

    we checked Gary church in Wheaton and they were not doing it this year…so sad! That is why we made the journey:) sorta like Mary but without the donkey šŸ™‚