Even though we are far away from our little island we think about it everyday. And although we are enjoying our dear family and friends here and all things fabulous and American (except car doors that are frozen shut!!!) we miss our team, our friends, and our home for now.

Recently there has been a crazy amount of rain on the island that has resulted in some flooding of our school. From the pictures and reports we know that the entire courtyard was flooded and the water even entered many unfinished classrooms! Thank God the water seemed to stop just outside the computer lab and none of the brand new equipment was damaged (God is GOOD!) but we now know the need for a better drainage system. The problem is that for the last 36 hours it seems there has only been 2 hours of power and the main power cable to the island is damaged. Last time this occurred there was no power for over a month and so we are praying and asking you to join us that our friends, team, and everyone there can cope with the difficulties this causes in daily life (it is the hottest time of the year there as well). You can see more pics here of the flooding and school progress. We have also learned that our team is facing some immigration challenges as well that may make it difficulty for us all to remain there. Our team leader’s wife’s Mom is also very sick and I know their family would appreciate prayers for her healing as well as their family’s journey to Germany to see her.

Our hearts are with you all and even though we are far, far away we love you and are praying for you!


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